"The next day,我的观点包括四个或五个阿米什木匠在脚手架上,fearless and sometimes shoeless,shingling the steep barn roof,"Diane Ott Whealy,in her 2011 memoir.

In the late 1980s,just like today,历史遗迹农场的谷仓需要帮助——很多帮助。In 1987,not long after yabo亚博官网Seed亚博正式官网 Savers Exchange bought Heritage Farm—arguably one of the most beautiful farms in Iowa—Kent Whealy and Diane Ott Whealy,founders of the organization,learned that the homemade laminated bows that yabo亚博官网supported the barn's roof were weakening,and,consequently,posed a real threat to the roof's stability.就这样开始了几个月的恢复,conducted by Amish carpenters from Canton,Minnesota,and financed with a $20,000 grant from the Ruth Mott Foundation.2011,Diane devoted a section of her bookGathering: Memoir of a Seed Saver,,to the work the Amish carpenters did to restore the barn.该部分的摘录如下:

The Amish Connection
Even though Colonel Taylor settled the property and many other families have since lived there,这个农场在当地仍被称为哈尔斯广场。Roger Halse,who grew up on the farm,says the original house had burned in the 1920s and was rebuilt.The next year,the barn burned.He was not sure of the exact date the new barn was constructed,but written on the wallboard was"星期一,November 2,1929—putting up Aerial,"referring to the barn's metal cupola and weather vane.

It was a beautiful barn,gray and weathered,but the the Gothic-style roof needed our help.The roof rose 30 feet from the loft floor in great curved arches;the 65 x 32-foot loft was completely open,and the homemade laminated bows that yabo亚博官网supported the roof were just not strong enough.Roger Halse said the roof sank 12 inches within the first year.

There were several barns in the area with the same design;the barn at Heritage Farm is one of a few still standing,thanks to Ray Pritchard.When Ray and Joanne bought the farm in the early 1980s,the roof had sagged six feet in the center of the peak,屋顶两侧的弓形部分向外凸出来加以补偿。Ray recognized the real danger that the roof might collapse and invested about $2,000 to temporarily halt the sagging.He brought in a crew that used steel cables and turnbuckles to pull the bows back into place.Then they jacked up the sagging bows along the peak with eleven 26-foot-tall 4x6 posts.A month later,there was a 17-inch snow that would surely have collapsed the roof had not he stabilized it.

我们尊重这个谷仓,并认为有必要保存它的历史,但我们不确定如何继续下去。整个冬天,yabo亚博官网Seed亚博正式官网 Savers Exchange had been given several options from contractors,木匠,and barn builders,but they generally involved replacing the bows,which meant that a good portion of the roof would have to be taken off.我们突然想到,亚米希人仍然有牲口棚,并在这个地区建造了许多后梁结构。Our Amish friend Dan Zook owned a sawmill near Canton,Minnesota,and we asked his opinion.1987年秋天,他来这里亲眼目睹了这个问题,并说他会在冬天的几个月里对此进行一些思考。

Early the following spring,Dan wrote that his brother Eli,who did most of the timber framing,was willing to come down with him and discuss the damaged barn bows....They went up to the loft and started brainstorming.伊莱突然明白了解决办法。They would need to build two post-and-beam structures.Each side of the loft would have six 24-foot-tall,6x6 pine posts,topped with a 6x6 oak plate that would run the length of the barn.There would be two 45-degree angle braces near the top of each post.柱梁结构用木钉固定在一起。Eli said that pushing all the bows back into place would also bring the sides of the barn back into alignment;none of the bows would have to be replaced.

The crew arrived in late March,just before the due date of our fifth child,and provided a welcome distraction.In the beginning,they had a driver,but most days they traveled the 10 miles between Canton and our farm by horse and buggy,its horses unhitched and grazing in the corral....It took six Amish carpenters two days to complete the post-and-beam structures.Then they added bracing to every second bow along the edges of the loft.The bows had once again taken their original shape;不需要的钢缆在阁楼中间呈弧形悬挂。当脚手架倒塌时,the loft was magnificent.


The next day,我的观点包括四个或五个阿米什木匠在脚手架上,fearless and sometimes shoeless,在陡峭的谷仓屋顶用木瓦盖着。The day the new cedar roof was finished,I looked out to see sunshine lighting up the peak,reminding me of the gold dome on the Iowa State Capitol building.然后木匠们沿着阁楼的墙壁建造了红橡木长凳,以便坐下,and a large red-oak stage on the west end.Dan and crew finished their work on July 8,1988,having spent six weeks of 10-hour days.It wasn't totally finished,but SSE's members could officially initiate the barn at the 1988 Campout.

Once again,thirty years later,the barn at yabo亚博官网Seed亚博正式官网 Savers Exchange is in dire need of repairs.Your gift will help fund critical repairs that will help ensure the barn stands for years to come. Repairing the barn this year is necessary so that this structure can remain a functional building on our seed farm.A symbol of our agrarian roots and our connection to the land,it is also where we continue to house educational events,加工种子,并以我们保护传家宝种子供应的工作来激励游客。亚博科技官网

Construction is scheduled to start this fall,and you can play an important part in making it happen by making a gift to the Restore the Barn at yabo亚博官网Seed亚博正式官网 Savers Exchange fundraiser.