Then just a toddler,Freeland Knight Abbott hoes ‘Connecticut Wonder' beans in his family's garden in 1922.The 亚博科技官网heirloom bean is one of 12 new ‘From the Collection' varieties now availableyabo亚博官网 fro亚博正式官网m Seed Savers Exchange.

Then just a toddler,Freeland Knight Abbott hoes ‘Connecticut Wonder' beans in his family's garden in 1922.The 亚博科技官网heirloom bean is one of 12 new ‘From the Collection' varieties now availableyabo亚博官网 fro亚博正式官网m Seed Savers Exchange.

You may well know that yabo亚博官网Seed亚博正式官网 Savers Exchange maintains an exquisite,unique collection of more than 20,000种蔬菜,herb,花,水果品种自40多年前建立以来就不断积累。但你知道吗,我们的保护团队每年都会恢复活力,评估,and collects the histories and traits of dozens of these varieties as we grow them at Heritage Farm,our northeast Iowa headquarters?这项工作使我们能够确定有趣和高性能的品种来引入商业,使各地的家庭园丁都能享受它们。We are thrilled to introduce the following 12 varieties,available for the first time this December bothonlineand through our2019目录.


‘Williams' Sorghum:This 亚博科技官网heirloom syrup sorghum towers over the garden—reaching seven to nine feet—and produces seed heads with beautiful red glumes (and an occasional black glume for added interest).谷物本身是红色的,plump,容易脱粒。This variety was donated to yabo亚博官网Seed亚博正式官网 Savers Exchange by Wayne Hayes of Annville,肯塔基in 2015.Wayne and his family have made syrup from this sorghum cane since Wayne's father,Floyd,purchased it in Louisiana in 1948.Each plant produces from three to six tillers,and,according to Wayne,“one cane or stalk will make six tablespoons of juice,生产四加仑高粱需要大约55加仑的果汁。”And once made,它的用途多种多样。Try mixing it with butter and slathering the mixture on a hot biscuit,adding it to baked beans,or using it to make sorghum candy.


“伯德”芥末:This 亚博科技官网heirloom variety's leaves have the classic spice and sharpness of a good mustard green and are more substantial in texture than are other leafy greens.The glossy,highly toothed leaves cascade gently downward,也使它们成为菜园中一个有吸引力的附加物。Jim Tjepkema received the variety from fellow yabo亚博官网Seed亚博正式官网 Savers Exchange member Dorothy Jones in 1990 and later donated it to the SSE collection.Its lineage can be traced to Georgia in 1839,通过多萝西丈夫的祖先,它的绿色蔬菜可以很容易地煮熟和冷冻,在冬天使用。“我的烹饪方法很简单,只需把蔬菜切碎。把它们放在一个有盖的罐子里,底部放些水,and cook them until they are tender,“says Jim.“I use only enough water to cook them—not completely covering them with water—season them with a little salt and pepper,and freeze them for eating later."“


‘Hopi Red Dye' Amaranth:在花园里威风凛凛,this 亚博科技官网heirloom amaranth grows up to six feet tall and offers a showy display of dark purple-green leaves,solid purple stems,and draping deep purple-red inflorescences.Used for dye or as an ornamental,它通过本地种子/搜索提供给种子保yabo亚博官网存者交换,亚博正式官网注意到这一变种是在莫恩科皮的较低地区采集的,Arizona.霍皮人用花苞片做一种天然的鲜红色食用色素来给比萨饼上色。It flowers (spectacularly!)六月中下旬,在我们位于爱荷华州东北部的传统农场总部。


诺福克菠菜:(coming soon!) Prized for its excellent taste,this historic variety has traveled from gardener to gardener for decades.yabo亚博官网种子储户亚博正式官网在20世纪80年代从丰富的生命种子基金会中获得了它;基金会在1970年从种植者和上证所成员Peter Ruppell那里获得了种子。据信是彼得·亨德森种子公司早在1878年就出售的同一品种,it grows semi-upright plants reaching 10"tall and 2"wide and bear dark-green,savoyed leaves that are heart-shaped with long petioles.该品种在春季播种时抗抽薹,但在秋季种植时可能会长大。


‘Tony Scavo' Basil:This intensely flavored,aromatic basil will produce well if harvested regularly.The leaves have prominent veins and serrated edges and grow to about 15"高的。爱荷华州的盖尔·莫里斯于2014年将该品种捐赠给了种子保存者交易所。yabo亚博官网亚博正式官网Gale received the seeds from his friend,Des Moines truck farmer Tony Scavo,in 1993 and began growing the variety and saving its seeds for Tony as Tony's eyesight worsened.Tony's parents,Nick and Patricia,brought this 亚博科技官网heirloom to the United States when they emigrated from Bari,意大利,in the early 1900s.


‘Whittemore 亚博科技官网Heirloom' Tomato:Considered one of the best-tasting tomatoes by yabo亚博官网Seed亚博正式官网 Savers Exchange staff,this variety offers complex and well-balanced flavor.令人印象深刻的大粉色牛排西红柿有大裂片和深带状。Some fruits may have moderate cracking,but they are remarkably blemish-free with respect to their size—a whopping 1½-2 pounds in weight and nearly 5-6"在宽度上。Edley Bellamy of Virginia donated this seed to SSE;Bellamy received the variety from Oscar Gibson in 1993.


‘Connecticut Wonder' Bean:Mother (Nature) knew best when it came to this beloved family 亚博科技官网heirloom.The original steward,弗兰克·阿伯特牧师,告诉他的孙女,Deborah,that the beans were a"gift from the bees"—a result of cross-pollinated plants in his Bolton,康涅狄格garden,1919年以前的某个时候。He named the new variety ‘Connecticut Wonder' and believed it was a cross between ‘Kentucky Wax' and ‘Cranberry Pole' beans.70年代中期,黛博拉把种子给了约翰·威西,who donated them to yabo亚博官网Seed亚博正式官网 Savers Exchange in 1981.豆荚很甜,多汁的,and slightly stringy.强壮的攀援者长出白色的花和绿色的豆荚,这些豆荚成熟到淡黄色,含有大量的shiny,深褐色,肾形种子。


‘Student' Parsnip:(coming soon!)这一历史悠久品种的略带甜味和形状优美的根使它成为理想的添加到您的烤蔬菜组合。Its straight roots bear wide shoulders,相当尖锐的锥形,and smooth skin with little to no splitting.这一变种被收录在1865年版的《恐惧伯尔》的经典大部头中。美国的田野和花园蔬菜.Burr described it as"so recently brought to notice and so strongly commended,is of English origin,是巴克曼教授从野生防风草中获得的,在Cirencester的皇家农业学院。”This variety,acquired by yabo亚博官网Seed亚博正式官网 Savers Exchange from member Dennis Sherwood,is a deserving addition to any garden.


盛宴传家宝芥末亚博科技官网:This 亚博科技官网heirloom variety has been grown and preserved by members of the Feaster family of rural Shiloh,佛罗里达州(马里恩县)自内战以来。Mild and slightly sweet when cooked,the green-leaved mustard was donated to yabo亚博官网Seed亚博正式官网 Savers Exchange by Jerome Feaster in 2014.轴承长,broad,光滑的,upright leaves with a toothed margin,the mustard plants reach 20-25"身高16-18岁宽的。杰罗姆从他母亲开始就负责管理这一品种,格拉迪斯·亚伯拉罕·费斯特,died in 1989.


Agostino Reghitto' Genovese Basil:经典的吉诺维斯式罗勒,with dense foliage,这种药草的茴香味稍温和一些。It comes from the family of Steve Foisie and is named for his grandfather,Agostino Reghitto.Agostino emigrated from Italy to Washington State in 1902 and founded Colonial Gardens Company,which raised vegetables for the Tacoma and Olympia markets.It's unknown if the basil came from Italy,但是史蒂夫和他的妹妹,Sue,recall that their mother,德拉(阿戈斯蒂诺的女儿)grew it each year.It was donated to yabo亚博官网Seed亚博正式官网 Savers Exchange by the late Mary Schultz,一位前SSE成员,在寻找传家宝种子以帮助庆祝1989年华盛顿建国一百周年之际,从Foisie家族那里收到了它。亚博科技官网直立的植物大约有1英尺高,and its leaves measure about 3-4½"长约1-2英寸宽的。


凯尔维登奇迹的奔跑豆:生产松脆的,sweet,and fruity snap beans with an apple-grape flavor,这个运行bean可能会打开你最喜欢的快照bean。In addition to tasting great fresh,该品种生产的干豆略带甜味,泥土味,质地光滑。A strong climber with beautiful flowers,该品种是由W.Deal and Sons of Kelvedon,埃塞克斯England;1950年引入;1981年,著名的豆子收集yabo亚博官网者约翰·亚博正式官网威西送给种子保存者交易所。在美国商业种子贸易中很少有,it is a marvel to be enjoyed in the garden and on the table.


“吉尔的金琵琶”南瓜:This flavorful acorn squash may be among the first to show up on your table each fall.The fruits of this historic variety produce flesh that is pale orange in color,moderately sweet in flavor,形状也有点变化。Its vining plants are quite productive and yield relatively early-maturing fruits that measure 4-5"long and 3½-4"wide,体重1-1.5磅。Gill Brothers introduced the variety in 1952.

当你从种子保存者交易所购买种子时,yabo亚博官网亚博正式官网you are giving rare varieties (including these 12 new ‘From the Collection' varieties!) a place in your garden and at your table even as you yabo亚博官网support our work to ensure that the biodiversity of our food system remains intact for generations to come.